Platforms For All

The educational program Platforms Project for All 2019 is designed for children between 7 and 16 years old from the Dutch platform EX-MKH and the artist and art teacher Ellen Rodenberg.

The program which is drawing inspiration from the spatial design of the Platforms Project exhibition, the Tower of Babel and the recycling of new ideas, aims to introduce children to contemporary art. The art collectives-platforms present their ideas in a space-booth which looks like a large cube.

During the Platforms Project the children will be invited to participate in creating a mini space (mini booth-cube) with paper, pencils. In their small space they can draw inspiration from the exhibition.

Together with the volunteer tour guides, they will tour the exhibition area, discuss the most impressive works of art, and create their own mini booth- a whole new place that will reflect their dreams and thoughts. The cubes set will create a mini-adaptation of the Platforms Project through the eyes of children.ÊKH.jpg






The Student volunteers practising first themselves before giving the workshops for ALL.

Preparing The construction for The Tower of Babel onto which the mini platforms by the children will be attached.

may 17 ER 2019  (10)_1024x576

Practising tour guiding at the first day of the Independent Art Fair of the Platforms.

may 19 ER 2019 (27)_1024x576

Practising by doing, while the workshops en guiding tours are on full swing.


Impression of 4 days workshops and tour guiding:

Guiding tour

On the road, finding more materials for the workshop.

Some volunteers took immediately the chance to explore possibilities with the new material.

Children with clipboard on Guiding tour. The volunteers translated my English into Greek for the children.

If the children pointing to something which they think is interesting, we take together a closer look.

Sketching at the Platforms Project. Getting inspiration everywhere they look. Giving them the opportunity to wonder around and make their own world out of it.

Getting information of the artists duo Topp&Dubio.

Sitting down for a inspirational talk (in Greek) with one of the volunteers at our booth of EXMKH.

After making sketches at the Independent Art Fair. A dynamic situation in a full swing workshop.

We even found work of EX-MKH in a mini platform. This upcoming artist made a 3D room of her inspiration sketch.


Some of the mini platforms were taken home, some may stay.




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