EDGED a program form The Ruimtevaart Foundation, 2015


Out of Order (Tools)

An Installation made for the EDGE : 
On Stage: Imaginary Landscapes, Tools out of order (flags), painting as projection screen, Ontweten (hidden painting, 25,5x32cm, acryl olie op linnen) 


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Ontweten (hidden painting) 25,5x32cm, acryl olie op linnen Installation: Tools out of order (Flags)


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Imaginary Landscape I.C.3 (Integrated circuit) Imaginary Landscape I.C. 8 20x60cm oil on canvas 2014


IMG_6598_1024x768 IMG_6632pr_1024x768Tools out of control EDGED 2015

Doc.snaps.er 2

Backstage program: doc.snaps.er 1 doc.snaps.er 2 Soms (video 17 min. 2010)

Projection on the back of the film cabin (cabin under construction) of Super B / Ruimtevaart Foundation, Den Haag (NL)





Ruimtevaart-edged-uitnodiging def

Grafisch ontwerp poster: Ben Faydherbe www.benfaydherbe.nl









Ruimtevaart, Brouwersgracht, Den Haag 2015