Studio process (here)




2022-1 (here)  Script,Actors and Audience


2022   (here)    Work on Location, Script (Madrid)


2021   (here)    Work on location (Paris)


2021-1 (here)  Painting on paper (Portrait / Landscape)


2021-2 (here)   And the Title walked out


2021-3 (here)   Painting (here comes No.1,2,3,4,5)


2021-4 (here)   Painting (2008-)


2021 (here)      Drawing/Writing book



2020 (here)      Painting About_the_Key


2020 (here)      Work on location (FeMaler/Berlin)


2019 (here)      Work on location (performing Painting)


2018 / 2019 (here) Painting


2018 (here)      Painting



2014 / 2015  (here)      Work on location         


2010 / 2012  (here)      Work on location



2005+ (here)               Work -Life is a Nurse-


2005++ (here)             Work -How we meet-



2004 / 2008 (here)       Painting


2004 / 2008 (here)       Work on location -scenes-



2004+  (here)              Work -Church and Museum-


2004++ (here)             Work -Life and how we meet-



2003 / 2004 (here)       Painting


2000 / 2003 (here)       Painting


2000+                          Work



1999 / 2000 (here)       Painting


1998 / 1993 (here)       Painting




Solo (with:)


(here) FeMaler, Atrans, Berlin 2020


(here) As if.., Galerie Lutz 2020


(here) STILL 2019, Ruimtevaart


Tools For performance, ThisArtFair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 2015


(here) PolyPorte / PowerPlace, Gallery Lutz, Kunst Rai, Art Fair Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2005


(here) Immune system of 13+1 solo exhibition, Gallery Lutz, Delft 2004


(here) Coloured memories II  solo exhibition  Pictura Dordrecht 2001


(here) The total and individual, solo, Gallery Lutz, Kunst-Rai, Amsterdam 1999





(here) Tools out of control EDGED Ruimtevaart 2015 Duo with Pietertje van Splunter




EX-MÊKH . Maarten Schepers . Ellen Rodenberg . Kees Koomen


(here) Con Almare, Hotel room 110, Hybrid Art Fair, Madrid 2022


(here) Stage Arousal, EP7 Paris, France 2021


(here) Stage Arousal, Platforms project NET Athens, Greece 2021 (youtube video)


(here) How We Met (youtube video)


(here) FeMaler & Have you seen the Stars tonight?


(here) Cquence, Platforms Project NET, Athens, Greece 2020


(here) Probe, Atrans, Kraatz, Berlin, Germany 2019 


(here) Mekh web live 2019    -    As if 2019 Ellen Rodenberg (here)       


(here) Equilibrium, Platforms Project, Greece 2019


(here) Shifting Reality, Platforms project, Athens, Greece, 2018    


(Here) Collateral Zone, Platforms Project, Athens Greece, 2017


(here) Leuke kleurtjes, De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2016


(here) Tag 0, Framed Divergence, EX-MEKH, Platforms-Project@Art-Athina, Athens, Greece 2016


(here) Augentausch A TRANS Berlin, Germany, 2015  -  Tools out of Order Ellen Rodenberg (here)


Current Tide EX-MÊKH, Art-Athina, Athens, Greece, 2015


Tools For Your Eyes Only, Kunsthalle Lana, Italy 2014


Source Flat, PlatformsProject, Athens, Greece, 2014


Tools For I's, Art-Athina Projects, Athens, Greece 2014


Condition of comfort zones, Fuck Focus 2014


Tools 2, Fuck the 80’s it is 2014 Baracca, KIV122, Dordrecht, Netherlands 2014


Fuck the 80’s it is 2014, Baracca, KIV122, Dordrecht, Netherlands


Re:Flex 2013


It's Gone, It's Gone It Was  2012


(here) (EX)-MÊKH Takes Five 2009    It's Gone It Is  2009 (here)   


OUR territory, De Cacaofabriek Helmond, Netherlands 2009


(here) Mêkh-Stream, Supermedium, Rijswijk, The Netherlands 2007


Île de Mêkh, W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands  2007




(here) Video



Malieveld  2012-2014


(here) Malieveld


(here) Malieveld site



Artist in Residence 


Blindspot,  Post 15, Pécsbagota, Hungary 2011


LANDING SOON#7, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2008       




Other collaborations


(here) Pop-Up mini Platforms NET, 2020


Platforms For All, educational program, Platforms Project, Greece 2019


This is not. Denial is the leading principle, 222lodge, Cinema The Movies, Dordrecht 2017


(here) Walk-Formation-Walk, The Parallelshow #6, Delphi, Greece 2016


Epilodge, The Movies, Dordrecht, 2016


222citylodge #4, Dordrecht, 2015


(here) Antilounge #7  2010