Ellen Rodenberg


Painting, Drawing, …


2023-1             (here)              PAINTING ‘Oh, No Plan, So …’


2023-2             (here)              PAINTING Script, Characters


2023-3             (here)              PAINTING Scene Seen in a Landscape


2023-4             (here)              PAINTING Portrait seen in a landscape


2023 d             (here)              DRAWING from Intuition, Doubt and Improvisation


2023 dw           (here)              DRAWING/ Writing in sketch books 2020-2023


2022 2023        (here)              Script


2021-3             (here)              Painting (Presenting Characters) 2021 2022 2023


2021-1             (here)              Painting on (stone)paper


2021-2             (here)               ‘And the Title walked out’


2021-4             (here)              Painting (2008- …)


2020                (here)              Painting ‘About_the_Key


2018                (here)              Tools as Paintings, Paintings as Tools


2012 2014        (here)              Malieveld One hour Actions of Making, Presenting, Documenting


2001 2013        (here)              Painting process and a second life


1993 2000        (here)              Painting





(here) FeMaler, Atrans, Berlin, D, 2020


(here) As if, Galerie Lutz, Delft, NL 2020


(here) Tools out of control EDGED Ruimtevaart, Duo expo with Pietertje van Splunter 2015


(here) Imagine, Landing Soon#7, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2008


(here) PolyPorte / PowerPlace, Gallery Lutz, Kunst Rai, Art Fair Amsterdam, NL 2005


(here) Immune system of 13+1 solo exhibition, Gallery Lutz, Delft, NL 2004


(here) The total and individual, solo, Gallery Lutz, Kunst-Rai, Amsterdam 1999





With EX-MÊKH artist collective


(here) Wormhole, Platforms Project, Athens, Greece 2022


(here) Con Alma, Hotel room 110, Hybrid Art Fair, Madrid 2022


(here) Stage Arousal, EP7 Paris, France 2021


(here) Probe, Atrans, Kraatz, Berlin, Germany 2019 


(here) Augentausch A TRANS Berlin, Germany, 2015 



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